SEN-ESSENCE – so it is

 SEN-ESSENCE, “on the art of aging’ published in 2010, is available on amazon.  After being officially labelled “old” at 65 by the Canadian Gov’t, in SEN-ESSENCE, over the last many years, I have explored the aging process (senescence), and the attributes (essence) that make us who we fundamentally are – forever young at heart.



So it is

that old is

as old does

nurtured on the past


imagine everything you perceive

as nothing other than a decaying dream,

aging in an only lifetime


the willow would last forever

rebirthing in the soil

of your content


birds would sleep with the elephants


aging, a thing of the past,

a shadow creeping slowly up behind you


fragile is

as fragile does

tempered in the mold


cast before there ever was


bent and shaped by the wind


we remain

just the same as always


some age like the oak

others like the weed


all have work to do

all feed the soul of the gardener


who plants the seed

and waits for someone

who knows

there is nothing to forgive


so it is

through thick and thin

we learn to walk

we learn to swim


to crawl

from beneath the waves

time and time again






and in-between


a subtle sigh



Most of the photography accompanying the poems are from a photo essay of the elderly (los Ancianos) who reside around Lake Chapala, Mexico.  Los Ancianos, published in 2013, can be found on Antonio Ramblés travels! Blog:

2 comments on “SEN-ESSENCE – so it is

  1. a breath-taking journey within your thoughts took me on
    I looked at the image wondering what she was thinking, such contentment within a mystery of silence she has about her…a beautiful spirit


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