It has been several months since I posted on my blog, and commencing Sunday December 6 I will be diverting from my poetry to share a novel I have just completed. I look forward to revisiting all the blogs I have been following in the past.

The fiction novel is divided into five Books, and an Epilogue: BOOK 1 The Memory Box; BOOK 2 Hidden Among the Magnolias; BOOK 3 The Goodbye Wedding; BOOK 4 Tumbleweed; BOOK 5 Let the Mourning Doves Fly Free; EPILOGUE What Goes Around. I will be posting each section in its entirety from December through May on Sunday mornings.

I hope you will enjoy following my young protagonist Luc, who, without a moral map, or an internal compass Luc is tumbleweed blowing in the wind. He is on a mission to leave a past of self-doubt and fear of commitment behind and achieve what no one thought him capable of. It is April, 1968, and after a lackluster tour of duty spent avoiding Vietnam, and an inhospitable stopover in an Arkansas prison, the Greyhound Bus terminal in Dallas is as far as money and time will take him. He finds himself in an enclave of prejudice and discrimination, where love becomes an education in the language of women. He wanted and needed to experience this time in his life with anyone who could understand what made him feel good about himself. His off trail excursions into sex, drugs, and rock & roll, were just a few of the obstacles on a journey from where the sun rises in Texas to where the sun sets.

A LONG WAY FROM NOWHERE is available on both Amazon and Kindle  at John Thomas Dodds Author Page  Reviews welcomed.

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