Leave Your Baggage Behind

Because light as I know it leaves a shadow behind, I so often focus on the memories of what could have been. Sadly I seldom see, nor do I realize how beautiful can be the vision I command of my reality.

Leave Your Baggage Behind

This haven for lost souls I have journeyed to

is an affirmation of the potential for happiness,

nothing more, nothing less

I read a sign at the front gate

others might have missed

in their haste to find happiness.

It said leave your baggage behind

if you are so inclined

The snow is as pure and white

as I have ever known it. Observable Fact! 

or is it that I feel a cleansing,

a de-saddening of old and useless issues

simply because I believe

I am where I want to be.

Crisp and clean the air it seems all so crystal clear,

feeling clarity of belief,

or is it a free flowing confessional,

an issuing forth of all that disturbs,

an otherwise perfect union of self and selflessness

for no other reason than

searching for a place to just be

When one is true to oneself and humble,

one surely, becomes authentic


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