In Time, In Due Time

I believe I am Where I understand I need to be Where the Angels dance with me to the music of a limitless list of vibrating possibility Nothing more Nothing less Than what is supposed to be.

In Time, in Due Time


Thankful for the Oneness of the day,

mindful of everyone you will meet

and everything you will say

filled with Joy knowing the awakening

within you is yours to share

Knowing what ever comes your way

is God’s gift of care,

trusting that what you ask for,

should it be in your interest,

in time, in due time pray tell

will come your way

Believing the souls you are meant to join in love

will appear, rightly so,

as they are waiting for you in the wings,

and in time, in due time you will know

where to go and what to say

When with oneness you can flow,

the spirit will guide you

walk beside you,

dwell within you,

and through the beauty of insight

you will see what, since creativity,

in time, in due time

you were meant to be


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One comment on “In Time, In Due Time

  1. Your words flow. Enjoyed your work. I’ve been on leave since Christmas. I hope to be back but I’m sure you can appreciate trying to catch up in answering and writings Would you mind sharing how you published your work. Thanks in advance,
    Michael Yost


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