What If?

A letter forms in my brain, a chain reaction originates in the heart, and is trampled by a dominion of thoughts. A word slips between my lips, rushes upon the universe in a wind of wonder and surprise, and something happens. My word becomes a butterfly of caring and sharing, leaving a blush on everything it touches.

What If?

What if God crafted you with her own hands,

and everything that floated by your space

stuck, everybody you crossed paths with

left an indelible mark on you?   Would you,

given insight to the wisdom of your soul

be any less beautiful if life had left you alone?

What if you were stored away in some dark

and unforgiving closet of your mind,

lined up neatly spaced from contact with another,

on a shelf, out of reach of yourself?

Would you be any less than if someone

discovered what marvels and mysteries

you possessed, and brought you forward

to acknowledge in the light of their eyes

your own uniqueness and beauty?

What if all the clocks in your universe

stopped at just this time of day

and you had to live with yourself in the second?

Would you muster in your heart

the strength to say I love me, if knowing this

all the daunting drudgery

of time and time again

would simply go away?

What if all you had were one hello

and one goodbye,

and you were blessed to live forever

in this only lifetime?

Would you recognize yourself

if there were no Elysian fields, no heaven or hell,

no re-imbursement on previous trips,

only here and now,

earthbound, one with the world?

Would you then believe in happy endings?


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9 comments on “What If?

  1. If you can like yourself and love another. If you can be kind to those you meet. Then surely that’s enough for you recognise yourself and to work towards a happy ending?


  2. Beautiful thoughts.. May you always seek out yourself as you bring all that you are into the Light of Now.. And Enjoy all the Nows of Time in the happiness of Eternal Moments
    Lovely poem


  3. “What if …you had to live with yourself in the second?” I love where this idea takes me. It is such an encouragement to drink deeply from the well of gratitude. Lovely poem.


  4. Even though experience tells me there are no endings, happy or otherwise, only endless new beginnings; there is no ‘now’ but only a constant flow of future into the past and “I” am all that I was and all that I will be moving through it all, nevertheless I find some affinity to this poem because it speaks of self-empowerment. Self-empowerment can only be defined and expressed by self, without possibility of any interference from any non-self power source. What if? Indeed, what if! That’s the infinite call to re-inventing one’s life.


    • Wrote this poem a couple decades ago and have certainly grown in understanding how important it is for one to believe in themselves. Many newer poems focus on the wonder and beauty of self in a world where every moment is a new beginning. Thank you Sha “Tara for commenting. I’m still working on responding to your other comments. I have not been so lucky to have someone exploring my poems beyond the surface in a long time and want to do your thoughts justice. Mi Esposa Candis has long been my spiritual guide, her comment that we are on the same page is right on for me. She too wants to respond to your explorations, we’re just a little slower on the uptick then you. Could be living in Mexico slows things down. Namaste


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