Quantum Leap

Life could well be spent learning to receive, yet giving is a lesson in itself. Flowers would never grow without water, trees would be green with envy without sun, and what an empty world I would be in without the giving of life. Life could well be spent learning to give.

Quantum Leap

You learned today not to defend yourself

after having done so

so very long,

and so it goes, you do, and you don’t do again,

aware of where you have been.

You had the opportunity to lie to yourself

making your view of the future

so much easier to apprehend.

You chose to believe

it will all unfold as it should,

and so it will.

You learned that apprehension

can be interpreted as understanding,

that compensation is as simple

as going with the flow

like a sailboat turning in the wind.

Today you made the quantum leap,

all you are meant to be is right in front of you.

Tomorrow you will open your eyes to all that God

has labeled the beauty of surprise.


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6 comments on “Quantum Leap

  1. An interesting approach although what “God” has to do with it… hmmm, history tells a different tale! Let it all unfold as it should? hmmm, again. There are forces at work (God being one of the big ones) that will not, friend, “let it all unfold as it should.” I could draw a long, long list of Earthian horrors, driven by the Matrix of Powers of religion, state and money that would give the lie to the “it’s all good” approach to life. I suppose when one has all one needs to live comfortably, “it’s all good” but when one does not? When one has to watch her children die of hunger? When bombs decimate one’s home? When forces of repression round up dissidents for torture or life in prison camps? We were born to either be self-muzzled slaves of the System, or to fight it. There is no neutral ground. A dangerous analogy: a sailboat turning in the wind: that is a recipe for capsizing. If you can’t face the wind, your best bet is to tack, never turn tail.


    • Never too strong for what needs to be said. I need to think about your next comment. We are both septuagenarians and require a little time and meditation to explore the concept of a god. You’re comment “We were born to either be self-muzzled slaves of the System, or to fight it” is pretty heavy duty, as I’ve never thought of myself in this regard, not through naïveté but choice. Look forward to the discussion.


  2. I do have a question though, something I struggled with for many years and finally was able to settle for good. Why include, or have, “God” in the discussion, in any discussion that speaks of intelligent, sentient and self-aware consciousness? If, as you say, “God” is within you, either you are saying that this is a separate entity working through you, which makes you a puppet or slave of that entity, or it is really just you, in which case, why add God to the mix? I was raised in strict Catholicism, old world, old school and my calling at age 11 came to serve in the Church. Perhaps thankfully, the means to that end did not materialize, so I lived in the world but not of the world to this age – now 70 years. Over the years I came to realize that everything “good” I accomplished came from me, from my own desire and power. When I chose relative “poverty” over possible adulation and riches, that wasn’t some god choosing, that was me. When I chose servanthood and compassion over selfish pursuits, again that was me working, not some god. My choice, my time, my money, my life. Why give credit to someone or something who, or which, at best obviously doesn’t care a whit (witness the actual works of all organized religions and what self-respecting “god” would have anything to do with that?) or at worst doesn’t exist except as some imaginary invisible sky wizard used to control, frighten, dis-empower and rob a rather constant herd of sheeple so easily manipulated? I’m not looking for an answer since obviously I’ve settled the question satisfactorily and for all time for myself, just putting the thought on the table.


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