Between Hot and Cold

I will happen upon a moment in time when all the universe is handing me a line. Somewhere deep inside the dormant recesses of my inner self I will say “that’s not mine,” and maybe, just maybe I’ll act upon the guidance I receive. The message plain and simple—the path I need to travel is the one in me, I believe”

Between Hot and Cold

So, you wake in the morning

half past the hour, an hour

before your regular routine

nothing this day will ever be the same

In this random game of living

in a multiverse plane

of undetermined probability

the instability of which

the perturbation of that simple act

of putting on the wrong shoe

causing the universe like a runaway truck

in front of you, to look for the stable point,

the deep sand of forgiveness

Somehow the universe

has a life of its own

irrespective of the divine

gravitating to the middle ground

between hot and cold


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2 comments on “Between Hot and Cold

  1. I appreciate your poem, believe in live and let live, and am interested in all religions; but I’m a Humanist. I care for everything you do, with a passion, but not for religion itself. Difficult to explain in a few words. Peace be with you.

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  2. Quote: “causing the universe like a runaway truck
    in front of you, to look for the stable point,
    the deep sand of forgiveness”

    In my world that truck is looking for a runaway lane… 🙂
    Interesting points made. It’s challenging, thoughtful, maybe a bit disturbing.

    “Nothing this day will ever be the same” because I do something (anything) different than planned. An interesting bit of insight that begs the question: what is it that “would have been the same” had I followed my regular routine? There’s no way of knowing, so we can be sure, perhaps absolutely sure, that “nothing will ever be the same” because in super-conscious awareness, nothing is ever exactly the same. The less aware look for patterns; they look for conformity that brings comfort unaware that such pursuit is illusory.

    If we (or a God) could put order in the apparent chaos, that would only spell more chaos called entropy. Nothing in what’s alive (and what isn’t?) is ever the same. I’d say that’s the first rule of the game, if the game had rules, and I don’t believe it has. I think the universe/multiverse is just as surprised at itself and its accomplishments or “happenings” as we are with our own. Deep, fun thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity to ramble down that rocky trail.


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