A Fall From Grace

A mirror in every room, each one holding a color in the rainbow. Each one a reflection of love. She flew from one to another in search of herself. What really mattered, and what she came to see is blissful wisdom radiating from a peaceful mind. A butterfly takes flight, leaving behind a place for her to shine her light

A Fall From Grace


To what do we owe the FALL

from a state of grace and oneness, into illusion?

Why the separation in the first place? Was it Hunger?

As simple as tearing the husk from the corn,

meat from the bone, wanting to experience the aftertaste.

Was it the need to know the duality of the manifested?

What’s on the other side of the door, and if so,

why would it ever be that so occupied with pleasure, happiness,

and wellness, we invite pain, suffering, and illness to the party.

Could we have so overdosed on ecstasy

as to dream up the illusion of grief.

Where was the Almighty ALLinONE in all this?

With the lawyers maybe,

drafting up a few laws to go along with the fall:

the law of supply;

let’s let them think there’s never enough

the law of attraction;

how about they really don’t want what is good for them

the law of intention;

like wake every morning with an attitude

the law of compensation;

we make it so it never works out the way they thought it would,

and nobody reaps what they sow.

the law of growth;

feet firmly planted in reality – not going anywhere.

All leading to the law of impermanence –oops you’re outtahere!

The parties over, come back when you’re karmalized.

It’s all a joke, right!

Right in front of us, the answer staring back at us,

the emptiness is full of laughter and de-light

and what we assume to be darkness is simply

the absence of the sparkle in the ALLinONE’s eye

in contemplating the sentient one’s impertinence

in assuming it could be other than

non dualistic



What’s the illusion, the fall or the effect?

Why the cause before the be?

Why not settle for the sanity

of living in the light and letting it go at that.


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8 comments on “A Fall From Grace

  1. Let’s juxtapose our thoughts. Was there a fall? I can think of many other reasons for humanity choosing to abandon “Eden” to express in duality. First, living in the light seems good and proper, but two things happen: light casts shadows, and someone is going to want to investigate those. Second, living in the light equates utter, unimaginable, eternal, if not cruel, boredom. It’s been said, “better to rule in hell than serve in heaven” and that is a truism. I think, from observation, and remembrances of past lives’ experiences, that we can have a full life without abandoning our humanity in the process. I think duality is necessary to life, real life lived in the heart of ever-changing kaleidoscopic images. We can walk between the worlds without choosing one over the other: we can become compassionate beings (that’s a choice, not an imposition!) and become rescuers; angels of mercy to those who plunge too deeply into the shadows and we learn more compassion from dedicating entire lives going down into the vales of sorrow. We can live between joy and sorrow, constantly bridging the chasm as we move on, life after life, winning and losing, crying and laughing, bleeding and dying, learning, and longing for more. To me, to be human means to be the ever restless quester, seeker. As someone once said: to give light one must endure burning. I suppose we can abandon our humanity for a Lotus Land life in perpetuity; abandon the search; abandon our endless wandering in favour of perpetual comfort and safety… I suppose, I don’t know. What I do know is that being human means experiencing life in duality; it means burning with passion. And I believe it is possible to express that burning passion without bringing harm or causing pain to other life – but what we do with our own slice, our own space, our own choices, that’s our business. It will entail pain, disease and discomfort, disillusionment and confusion and we will have to literally punch our way out of our own dilemmas. Life isn’t a problem to be solved and withdrawing from the struggle, for me, is unthinkable. Give me liberty or give me death and all that, but liberty is an endless quest and death is but doors opening, closing, and opening again to different vistas for different experiences.

    Having said that, being what I believe, it takes nothing from the poem: it is indeed very well done, the ideas well and clearly expressed. I usually find poetry difficult to unravel, but this didn’t seem to dissimulate at all.


    • Hola

      Let me first catch up on the god thing. The word god is a familiar one, to say the least. When used it can be and is interpreted differently by everyone who reads it. I use it to express something other than what is known: the unknown force, the black matter, gravity, the universe, the AlmightyAllinOne etc. I have no use for ‘A God’, ever since I too escaped from the crushing dogma of Catholicism—my interpretation, having explored the many, many heads of God man has managed to invent. Not to say that Native American Gods, Aztec Gods, Roman Gods, Southern Baptist Gods, etc., ad infinitum are not legit in their interpretation by those who ‘believe.’ We all have our own beliefs and if they don’t interfere with another’s so be it. The problem being my God is better than your God. So yes, I use the word god and have over the years of writing poetry as a sense of other than, at times, and the unknown within at other times. As for the Fall from Grace, please don’t take it seriously, it was my poking fun—subtle sarcasm if you might at the human story. The omnipotent God lording over the humble spirit is not to be taken seriously in my writing. As for duality, over the years I have penned many poems exploring the light and the dark of our world, and my third collection of poems “In Between Before and After” focuses on this subject. I do believe we can choose between light and dark, love and hate, caring and not caring etc. but I agree with you it’s a tough haul “being human means experiencing life in duality, it means burning with passion. I would not be the person I believe I am today without experiencing the pain, the suffering, for you do not know the beauty of life’s passage without knowing the duality.

      I too find poetry difficult to unravel at times and it makes my head ache to try to figure out what someone’s trying to say when wordplay usurps feeling.

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      • Thanks for that elucidating/clarifying reply. Quote: “I too find poetry difficult to unravel at times and it makes my head ache to try to figure out what someone’s trying to say when wordplay usurps feeling.” Well, thank you for that – I often feel so incredibly ignorant that I can’t automatically unravel a poem’s theme. I believe that writing is messaging, and surely we want to communicate what we have to say, not hide it in, as you put it, word play.


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