Without Words

When I realize all that I can be, first touch enters, then light. What I make of it is neither right nor wrong. My choices are so really simple—I can wonder in daylight, or wander in the night.

Without Words

So undefined is spirit

that we speak of it without words

other than a sound

emanating from nothing


a source of everything

and nothing quotable

so perfect is the essence

of that which is, we

think of it beyond imagination


no one professes to be able to utter

that which is beyond the imagination,

beyond description, all that might be, yet

the word sent on a path neverending

ever retelling the unknown

ever reinventing itself in name

humbling as it is

the answer to the unanswerable

is staring back at us—

the word so befuddles,

for it is man made

out of necessity

out of separation


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3 comments on “Without Words

    • Buenos días, not too deep I hope. The poems in this little collection reach back into my days of seeking meaning in the words that come to me. They are all spontaneous and once in a while if I’m lucky, and the muse is smiling, a-musing.


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