The Ever Expanding Universe

Wishing it never happened is part of the healing process, as is learning to accept, giving expectations its due, and recognizing self in all that you love and care for.

The Ever Expanding Universe

The ever-expanding thought

ageing exponentially to the speed

of what is perceived to be the length and breadth

of a whimsical me

caught in a lie that the pause

is where we ought to see ourselves

grinding to a halt of inner peace and harmony

stopping the unstoppable slowing down

as if down inward under standing,

where that subtle bandit gravity

holds us to a single thought,

is the be all to the beginning and the end

notwithstanding the theory of everything

where light and dark dance around

a single thought that holds it all together

we are drawn to ever seeking inward

while the universe having peaked

in all possibility

fills with dark energy

sweeps away the knowing

leaving behind the emptiness

of that which never was

dimmed to loneliness of space without time,

in ice will the bones

of universal harmony

come to rest,

no matter,

in spirit and in jest


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