Listening, Truly Listening

Pulling the curtains aside and raising the window, the glint in her eye, the smile on her face reflected a world full of beauty and grace. In her reflection she sees the possibility, blissfully aware of no more perfect place. Light winged and trusting, a butterfly comes to rest upon her palm.

Listening, truly listening, to every note

every breath of passion exhaled

every concern inhaled

every plea to hear me

coming at you

in a moment of contemplation,

a situation or consternation,

every note on the ivories

one can imagine face to face.

How much really gets through

the static of the mind?

I for one am forever turning

and tuning the dial,

trying to hear through

the crackle and fog

what I need to hear.

And I for one

am ever seeking silence,

for the message

to come through.

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4 comments on “Listening, Truly Listening

  1. The above poem reached me in a deeper, more understood, place than your others. When the emotional climate is right, I can feel all the vibrations of life coursing within me. Pure happiness! But the truths of life impinge and the tragedy for so many dilutes my happiness.

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    • We must strive to recognize happiness is our domain and cannot be diminished by anyone but our self; does not mean we are immune to the chaos and tragedy and the sadness we feel in our hearts.


  2. I am a ‘trouper’- or so I’ve been told, and never give up. ‘Onwards and upwards’ is my rallying cry. Just too sensitive that’s all…Always looking for cures and answers!


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