No One Is To Blame

When the chaos of the moment clutters and clouds your mind, and the choices that confound you are fogged by the choices left behind, center and embrace the stillness in order to find inside what it is that you need to do, and what you need to change about yourself.

No one is to blame

It’s what you can’t see

the visible outside awareness

threads that hold the material together:

Faith, Trust, Belief in other,

the fabric of the quilt of warmth and caring

in the sharing of a moment in a lifetime

Somewhere deep inside you there resides and remains

everything you have lived with, everything you contain

It’s your genetic code for all you have to do

in order to sustain momentum,

living out, completing,

and satisfying your creation

given no more than a name to a journey,

on a path blinded by the light,

through darkness traversing alone

a journey of loving each and every solitude,

and convoluted refrain,

as if it were an only lifetime

Everyone you loved,

the stars in the universal game,

are simply what it’s all about,

and no one is to blame.


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