Today Is The Day

Knowing that what you resist will always persist, do not avoid the issues that confront you, for they will always be waiting in the shadows you have yet to leave behind.

Today is the day

understanding stands by the doorway of a quantum leap,

apprehension, the Maitre’D of age holds the key

on the other side of the door

there is no more than can be imagined

transcending thoughts transforming notions of possibility

awaiting your creation

this day has always been waiting for you to arrive

alive with the love and potential energy you bring to it

waiting patiently on your awareness

waiting for your creation

waiting on what you want it to be

a thing of beauty, a thing grace

today as every day the sunrise and the sunset

are bookends for the stories you create:

the birthright, the toddlers stand,

the child within, and the urge to mate,

the maturing of existence knocking at the gate

the same story, over and over again

each volume, a day in the life

of all there is and all there will be

So choose this day the words you speak

you would say to a loving you

and the people that you meet

will only hear you say I love you and I care

no matter how fast seems the hustle of our lives

dawn approaches as if a butterfly

evolving moment by moment at the speed of light

it is never too late to step outside yourself

and experience the world around you

that’s what it is there for

waiting on your awakening


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One comment on “Today Is The Day

  1. What a beautiful, perceptive poem. ‘Bookends for the stories you create…’ I am fortunate in that I have known much happiness and love and often felt most of life’s vibrations invade my being. The present shadows will disappear! What joy to be such a consistent wordsmith!

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