Walk In Your Own Garden

Of what you say and think, always take care, for your words and thoughts have wings. They can drag you into a place of despair, or lift you up, to a better space than here.

Walk in Your Own Garden

looking in all the wrong places

for a cause to cure,

ailments to alleviate,

remedies for worries surmised

yet o-so-real

the dark side of grace manifests

in a physical confusion,

crowd thoughts, dampens the spirit

and fogs the mind

we all build fences

around the gardens we grow

we all ignore beauty

surrounding us

giftedly displaying

the inner peace

we have cultivated

walk in your own garden

look at all the wonder

you have nurtured

it is a garden cared for

reflecting the way

you have beautifully tended

the world around you


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One comment on “Walk In Your Own Garden

  1. Another’ deeply-felt’ and appreciated poem; I agree with every word and have experienced pure joy in nature’s bounties. But sometimes…paths are stony;plants sharp-edged as swords…It’s called life.

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