Waiting On Your Understanding


You are up to this momentary struggle and strife, this daunting challenge of your changing life. You are whole, you are focused, you are here and happy doing nothing more than something that gives you joy, and brings you peace of mind.

Waiting On Your Understanding

darkness cannot be

your absence from light

for light is the essence of who you are

it is for you to shine

if darkness is how you see yourself

it is you closing the windows

and pulling the drapes

you cast no shadow

you are brilliant in a world

where words have no meaning

you wear dark,

your obsidian eyes turn inward

they speak of pain, sadness

and hopelessness

it is the absence of believing in you

but your light still shines

the ember of your eternal energy

is only waiting

 on your understanding


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One comment on “Waiting On Your Understanding

  1. More perceptive words, John, You could be my guru! ‘Closing the windows,pulling the drapes…’ Spot on. BUT while the colour red dominates time, I still choose to look at the sky…I am as a sponge to nature and ever aware of its beauty, just too sensitive to the ills of the world. Happiness flits like a butterfly. Much appreciated!

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