What Would Lao Tse Say?

No one knows her for other than who she is, when what she does, authentically pursuing her journey comes from a fire in her belly and a peace of mind. She stepped out of the shadows and into the light—everybody recognized, everybody understood. It was no illusion, light entered the butterfly and she became visible.

What would Lao Tse say?

It arrived one day out of nowhere

we imagined, beyond hope,

a prayer and a promise and, a possibility.

Was it a message?

Something we needed to look at and listen too?

It would never have arrived otherwise, or would it?

It spoke of nothing ever happening that wasn’t meant to be,

or did it? Is that the message?

What is the universe telling us?

Why did the package arrive one day on our doorstep

out of the blue: To Me       From You?

What would Lao Tse say of this? 

It was meant to be.

Even if the sender, seemingly, not personally involved

sent the package on its way,

who are we to say it wasn’t other than direct mail,

insured to arrive someday, somewhere

deliberate some would say,

as it should be.

But why? One day

out of somewhere,

a gift of meaning

connecting us with where we want to be.


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