In a heartbeat

Thought I’d try an audio file with one to see how it works. I’ve enjoyed many audios in other poetry blogs.


 In a heartbeat of a single moment

measured in time

In the strange attraction

of the unpredictability of a lifetime passing,


imagining you are where you want to be

waking in the morning thankful

for the chance to have it this way.

The love, the joy,

the wonder of each day

opening in a dance of warmth and loving.


Or even better,


being who you want to be

igniting a passion for life that scintillates in light,

dancing in the dream of limitless wonder

sharing that which only you can be

your unique and special gift

for doing what you absolutely love to do


paused momentarily on the Eden of day and night,

all your memories gently washing over you,

receding in waves of recollection

casting ashore the sands of dreams

in and out of your imagination,

silhouettes and salutations balancing the outline

and inner word of your particular story


better still,


imagine you are with whom you want to be

this very moment wrapped in arms and legs,

anchored to the soft and beautiful

wedded to the possibility of all

that is wonderful in a relationship


where seashells lace the tides separating day and night,


where the future, waiting on your light,


enters your present one moment at a time.


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



Everyday disconnect enveloped her

In emptiness and confusion,

the meaning of a life slowly dying

that is, until the hard edges softened

and she recognized the beauty in herself,

in everything she viewed around her.



No longer alone being a woman

false starts became new beginnings,

quietly she understood

her feelings were a good thing


The sound of butterflies

is compassion calling home the light



Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds


there are no walls or fences

there are no hurdles to overcome

there are no obstacles

to reach that perfect place

where in her imagination

she lived a life filled with grace



speaking kindly of herself

for the first time, the words

filled her world with light

and all her fears took flight



her reflection absorbed

  by the wings of butterflies, erupted in applause


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



nobody knows her

like she knows herself.

in the silent awareness

of her inner beauty

it is her voice she will hear

loudly and crystal clear.



I am all that I am

all that I can be

being true to myself

I am everything I believe in



when a butterfly comes to rest

  it points the way to an understanding of oneself


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



there is no going back

only inward

where a child is waiting

on her embrace

of all that is possible

believing in the wonder of play.



absorbed in the dance of life

her voice rose in chorus

with a single refrain

the words she sang – I’m okay!



from her belly

laughter took flight on the wings of a butterfly


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



wrapping your present self in old beliefs

keeps your feet on the ground.

if that’s where you want to be.

time to shake the hand-me-down habits

those genetic mindful muzzlings

and set yourself free



what she came to understand

is she had already arrived

and believing in herself

was all she had to do



a cocoon is the thought

behind the moment a butterfly takes flight


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



no one knows her

for other than who she is

when what she does

authentically pursuing her journey

comes from a fire in the belly

and a peace of mind



she stepped out of the shadows

and into the light

everybody recognized

everybody understood



it was no illusion

  light entered the butterfly and she became visible


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



once bound securely

in a web of disbelief

her inner beauty

cast no reflection

the uniqueness of her story

unable to take flight



in a moment of understanding

her mind blossomed in recognition

a gentle breeze unraveled

years of doubt behind her



the cocoon seemingly forever

the butterfly momentarily passing on the light


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds



pulling the curtains aside

and raising the window

the glint in her eye

the smile on her face

reflected a world

full of beauty and grace



in her reflection

she sees the possibility

blissfully aware

of no more perfect place



light winged and trusting

a butterfly comes to rest upon her palm


Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds


a mirror in every room

each one holding

a color in the rainbow

each one a reflection of love.

she flew from one to another

in search of herself



what really mattered

and what she came to see

is blissful wisdom radiating

from a peaceful mind



a butterfly takes flight

  leaving behind a place for her to shine her light