Aging beautifully in Light of You

Published April 2017

A Novel

“Something about getting old, he thought, life wears you down just trying to hold on to the passion of youth, and romance; if you lose it you could spend a lifetime trying to find it again, and it just may outlive you…then again, if you live long enough…perhaps…just perhaps.”

It seems years ago the science confirmed that brain cells continue to renew themselves throughout our lifetime. Why then would not love, the need for it and the need to express it, and the joy of experiencing it be equally self-renewing until the last breath of life as we know it? Romance is ageless, and we don’t lose the desire to be loved and to love someone even if we have never had the opportunity to experience it. Having someone to share a part of your life enables you to see more of yourself through the mirror of somebody else. It’s what makes you human, the reflection in the mirror. Through that connection is self-realization, recognizing the essence of who you are, enabling you to be authentic. Michael comes to a point in his life where all the dead ends, the chatter, the roller coaster he had been on for decades mellowed to a passion for writing, and a romance with Rachel who taught him love has a way of giving you what you didn’t know you wanted.

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