Walking through the village I started working on capturing the essence of what I was seeing and  feeling in my new home Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.  Ending down here was a Haiku in itself:  canada, my youth / US, my education / Mexico, renewal.  It seemed appropriate to explore new ways to express in word where my poetry has taken me, for it has been my guiding companion for seven decades, and with three left to play with, well, a three line Haiku seems to work.


To quote Basho, my first guide along the path to creating one good Haiku; “Don’t follow the footsteps of the old poets,  seek what they sought,”  so these poems represent a searching for a new way to view my present experiences –  following in the footsteps of the old masters while venturing along a new path “between the reality and the vacuity of the world.”     楽しむ    disfrutar


a walk through my village:

            life as I’ve known it to be

now, never the same

Visit the Haiku Category for a walk through my village

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