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Starting January 18 “a borrowing of bones” will be posted on a daily basis through the first week of February.  The poems will be categorized  under the Title.
In the end, everyone is aware of this:
nobody keeps any of what they have,
and life is only a borrowing of bones.
The best thing was learning not to have too much
either of sorrow or of joy,
to hope for a chance of a last drop,
to ask more from honey and from twilight.

 y a fin de cuentas ya lo saben todos:
nadie se lleva nada de su haber
y la vida fue un préstamo de huesos.
Lo bello fue aprender a no saciarse
de la tristeza ni de la alegría,
esperar el tal vez de una última gota,
pedir más a la miel y a las tinieblas.
Pablo Neruda, – Pleno Octubre


It was mi esposa, at odds with a couple feet of snow in the Berkshires of Western MA, who chose the small, quaint village of Ajijic to run away to; a village she had once visited and dreamed of returning t.  I have always loved mountains, experiencing the western cordillera from the southernmost tip in El Paso, TX to the Alaska Range, and mi esposa wanted to settle near water.  Ajijic nestled up to Lake Chapala, surrounded by the Sierra Madres was the perfect location.


We soon discovered something’s that topped the view: a beautiful Mexican community, family oriented, hardworking, and fun-loving, an unbeatable climate year round, and every morning waking up to a love affair with life.


It has taken a couple years to actually write about what I can now call home; there has been such a divide between before and after.  This first, collection of poems represents my day-to-day impressions of people and events, and what I hope comes through, my feelings about living in what I consider, Paraíso.


These poems speak of a celebration of life, and death, a festival of music, church bells, and children laughing, and the toil and contentment of living in nature’s garden.


Disfrutar / Enjoy

12 comments on “Mexico

  1. I love this post. Can’t wait to read more about living in paradise. 🙂
    Thanks so much for following my blog! I really appreciate it. My friend has been living in Mexico for a few years now. She is in Guadalajara. Happy writing to you!


    • Guad’s 25 minutes away. Lake Chapala is where the Tapatios come to vacation. I’ve actually republished the collection it’s now “A Stroll Through the Village of Ajijic”. I like the wordpress version with the pics as well. Look forward to your visits.


  2. I am so glad to meet you John. My husband and I are considering moving to Mexico for retirement. I look forward to getting to know you and read more of your inspiring poetry. Thank you for finding and following my poetry site.


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