A Sneaky Twitch of an Itch – Online


ISBN  9780557443413  44 pages

The Sneaky Twitch of an Itch” came out of a long forgotten drawer one day and bounded his way into my heart. His “Catch me if you Can’ attitude enticed the artist in me. Yet his elusive nature made him hard to hold onto. Why? I decided it’s because he is meant for each and every reader’s imagination. This poem’s delightful ways tantalize and tease readers of all ages. Through Sneaky’s impish and frolicking behavior children are taught the importance of caring relationships and the value of cleanliness and hygiene.  An Itch is pretty concrete, you can feel it; but what does an Itch look like?

Mi esposa Candis has wonderfully illustrated her concepts of an itch in watercolor.


A Sneaky

   Twitch of an Itch


I know an Itch named Sneaky

He’s longer than a finger’s reach

He’s faster than a swat

and just when you find

his favorite spot

he simply disappears

You can’t tickle the Sneaky Itch away,

he’ll simply hide behind your laughter,

and as soon as you say

good night or good day

the Sneaky twitch of an Itch is back

after your nose

your toes

and even your ears.

An Itch in the small of your back

can just about bring you to tears


Catch me if you can

is all he’ll ever say,

and just when you want

to take a rest

is when he’ll start to play

How does an Itch know3

when your hands are full

your hoods done up

you’ve just put on your boots

or even worse, when

your head is on the pillow

your pillows on the bed

you’re just about to fall asleep

when an Itch finds a toe

 and it’s Sneaky

who won’t let go!

One Itch, ouch!

Two Itch, ouch!

Three Itch, FOUR!

you start to scratch

and then there’s more.

Sneaky has lots of friends.

In corners and coveys
and crevices they keep.

An Itch it just seems
is always out of reach.

An Itch could be a who
or a what or a where,

They’re everywhere!

        They’re everywhere!

scansoccerteamsneakyThey work in teams you know

and hop from hair to hair
and always let you know.

They are bold and brave
and never scare.

First they’re here

and then they’re there.

Itches can be anywhere!

Now even Itches

have times when they mind5

and thank goodness!

even a Sneaky Itch sleeps.

There are good Itches

like a tingle or a tease

that come and go as they please.

And then there are bad Itches

that never, never  go away

simply because

you want it that way.

You can pretend6

an Itch does not exist.

Believe It (if you can),

but an Itch is an Itch

In a flash

there’s a scratch

ignore it you might

                              Over here

Over there

 Even when there’s nothing

an Itch is always there!

All Itches love to travel.6

They can drive you crazy

just trying to keep up!

They’ll tickle the top of your head,

slide down the curve of your back

stopping every now and then

along their journey for a snack.

Mornings are particularly pleasant

for they have been waiting all night long

 for just the right moment to strike


and when you are lying in bed

and you are still half asleep,

that is when a Sneaky Itch is at its best.

Or, when you’re skin is

really really dry, an Itch

can make you cry.

They love you when you’re flakyscangirlwithblondehair

when the dirt builds up

or you’re hairs gone snaky

and socks if you wear them

for more than a day

Hey!  It’s heaven for Itches

that won’t go away

Wishing away an Itch won’t help,

but we all know they don’t like water.


Even though some Itches are super tough

and won’t wash away in a shower,

if you take a warm bubbly bath,

scrub yourself clean

and rinse away the soap

for it’s the Itches only hope

you’ll not quite clean the dirt away,

and just to be certain

you’ve chased the Itch away

add a little powder or cream.

An Itch as we know

can wear many disguises.

They can feel like a tickle

or feel like a twitch


A cat hair can sometimes confuse you

A trickle of sweat

A loose dangling thread

Or heavens forbid crumbs in your bed

A dry bit of skin or a wound that is healing

A breeze through the hair

A fly that won’t scare


They’re up your nose

and in your ear;

nobody knows

what disguises they’ll wear


While you are chasing

what could be an Itch,

they’ve nestled in a crack

in the small of your back

in just the right spot

out of reach of a scratch

to hopefully


Friends help out with Itches

especially the Itches

that hide out of reach


or hop from the top

of our head to your toes

while you’re washing the dishes

or falling asleep.

Nothing, nothing

is better than this…

A Mom or a Dad

who scratches that Itch

when it’s just out of reach.

What does an Itch look like?

scanlongskinnythingsHeaven Forbid!


Are they green?

Are they purple or gray?

Do they have long skinny legs,

and tiny little wings,

tentacles, teeth and scratchy things?

Is the Sneaky Itch here to stay,

or can we make him go away

with a rub or a scrub or a scratch?

…and where do Itches go

when you chase them away?

If you know what they look like

Or where they may go,



Let me be the first to know.

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