Ageing Beautifully in Light of You

ageing beautifully in light of youISBN:   978-0-557-58750-6  (88 pages)

Need a little romance in your Life? “Ageing Beautifully in Light of You,” is the most memorable collection of romance poetry written to-day. John mixes soul felt moments of longing and loving passion, stirs in with delicate tenderness sharing and caring, combines, respectfully companionship and, finishes with a dash of wit and wisdom. The result is a wonderful dish with a taste for everyone. A perfect gift for your sweetheart, the newly to be wed, the anniversary couple, or to share – for no reason but to savor the flavor.


Ageing Beautifully in Light of You. 11

When Dawn Breaks Across the Stillness of the Night 12

The Ways You Walk Beside Me. 14

A Still Silent Space. 20

Count Me In. 22

Windows You Appear In. 24

It Is Possible. 25

Do You Together Choose To. 26

We Do. 27

The Sparrows Are Sleeping Late. 29

Itinerary. 30

Now Is Absolutely Beautiful 32

You Are All That I See. 33

Part Of Me Loves Your Evil 35

It Must Have Been The Pheromones. 36

So Right Sunday Morning. 38

No More Why’s. 39

In The Possessive. 40

When The Urge Hits. 42

Yourdream/Mydream.. 43

Come Fly Away With Me. 44

Your Presence Commands. 46

There Is No Reason. 48

My Silent Time Beside The River. 50

I’m Your Quality Control Guy. 51

Out Cats Eat Sunshine. 52


On This Your Birthday. 53

All My Life I Have Searched For Home. 54

This September sky. 55

Hugs. 56

Poached Egg Mornings. 57

Accepting Patience. 59

We Are Each Gifted. 60

Missing You. 62

Candy’s got her Knickers in a Knot 64

Anniversary. 67

Anniversary song. 68

Time to Play with Paint 70

It’s Just A Story. 72

Dancing On A Treadmill 73

Feelings. 74

Places That Hold An Energy Of Love. 76

Quite Simple This Being In Love. 77

A Hair In The Eye. 78

The World Is Your Gallery. 79

A Gift Given. 80

God Whispering In Your Ear. 82

What Must It Be Like To Be Loved. 83

My Hands Are Making Love To You. 84

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