ISBN:   978-0-557-41764-3  (130 pages)

“SEN-ESSENCE,” explores the ageing process (senescence), and the attributes (essence) that make us who we fundamentally are. Digging deep at times into the “soul” of the substance of ageing, the reader is never to far from finding humor where “time becomes a diminishing number of cells doubling.” In Father Hunting,” the existential aspects of existence preceding essence explores decades of searching, ending in a return to the ”where you have a need to step out of the picture and elevate the consciousness of illusion in an endeavor to know yourself.”


A Coming of Age

This old apple tree

There’s a seasonal thing about this life we live

You have everywhere to go

I want to paint a picture with words

Re-tire Re-tread Re- make

Men as they age

Aging vacillates between acceptance and intolerance

What do they do with your email, when

So it is

When you think upon it

Some days

Senior moments

Time to seek a step down

Patience again sleeps restless

Once the seed is planted

It’s going to be a long cold dark winter

If it is not exactly

Memory or no memory?

Listening, truly listening, to every note

There’s a layer of silt

I catch shadows flickering

The bird perched on the outer most

Teaching for real

Lets break the facade

It never stops

You know, for a person who has yet to land

No matter how long it takes

I apologize for whatever

Now is absolutely beautiful

Fatherly advice is not my forte

 Father Hunting

In the village of my child

Where ever life’s journey carried me

I was forever slipping ashore

I was born with one free admission to fantasy

With the years drifting

What might I have been

What I had been looking for was the music man

The bus parks on the side of the road

Now I am Captain of a blue eyed son

In half a century I have come full circle

Letting go

2 comments on “SEN-ESSENCE

    • A belated reply: discovering blogging is like walking into of a room full of friends you haven’t seen since when. Thank you for buying my book, and I look forward to visiting your posts on a regular basis, as I can see they are well loved works.


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